From the first e-mail of the owners till the final transfer to airport everything was so precisely and nicely arranged so we felt only warm welcome having very pleasant experience in every way.
The place in reality turned out even better then we could expect relaying on photos from site.
Exclusively located on the beach it has outstanding and amazing different views in all directions, which are specifically for this villa only.
Wisely designed garden with luxuriant plants has a base focus on the grand path which with lotus ponds captures your sight and then leads you to the sea at the end. It’s also very impressive in back direction. Unfortunately, this extremely lovely feature of this place can’t be express by photo anyhow, it needs to be here to see.
Though, it was our fifth time in Bali, finally we’ve found the place where we’d felt the best of Bali could give you.
The greatest thank the creators/owners who have made such perfect place.
It’s a real celebration and delight:
for eyes ’cause everything is full of beauty,
for mind ’cause everything is full of peace,
for soul ’cause everything is full of harmony,
for body ’cause everything is full of comfort.
It was a real pleasure to be there, we were enjoying every moment of the stay.
Special thanks to the staff. All of the team were very friendly and welcome and doing their job very well. Yet Ketut has a great talent, (besides the others) of culinary which open the new levels of Indonesian cuisine for us.
Having an experience in renting villas in Europe and staying through over the world in splendid resorts as Four Seasons, W, Banyan Tree for this time we really found the best luxurious relax place in Bali with nothing to compare.